The head Brahmasree Subrahmanyan Namboodiri is accepted as the priest of - several temples not only in kerala but also in South India. In 1994 he visited Canada by carrying the message of Indian vituals. He is invited for Canada for installing the Goddesses Subrahmanyan and Ayyappan in the temple of Shivananda Yogavendanda Dhanawandhari Ashram of Swami Vishnu Devandand. He is popularly known as "Parakkum Swami" Prabhakaran Namboodiri and brother Krishnan Namboodiri are the Assistant
They accept ascetic initiation from Swami Vishnu Devananda. These two now supervise the matter related to temple in Canada. Murlikrishnan Namboodiri, son of Narayanan Namboodiri is practicing the rituals in the discipline of his grandfather. He accompanies his grandfather for performing the duties temples in their responsibilities.
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