To a great extend Indian culture has retained its value since ages. Development in various field has occurred yet our cultural background stood still in Hinduism religion is not divorced from life. They are as intimately connected as the head and the trunk. Traditionally Indian culture is closely associated with the sprint of admitting the eternal force; as per the faith its the almighty

The supreme self is the one essential strength behind every hand that acts and achieve. Almighty alone is the one dynamic truth behind every organ of the activity and in every existent thing. To Hindus, the eternal truth is his goal his master and his way.

The world is a combination of beautiful and the ugly, the good and the bad, the soft and the hard, the sweet and the bitter, which are the constant experiences of all creatures in life. A thorough understanding of all these can be attained only through spiritual insight.

The only consolation to overcome the negative forces that strangle are cultural life is through spirituality. The spiritual practices contribute to the integration of the mind and the intellect. Of all the spiritual practice(sadhana),the most efficient is the constant remembrance of the lord with a heart over flowing with love and devotion (upasana) also known as worship. Not all men attain this power of concentration, single pointed ness and the correct balance of thought. Self realization and godly life must be to those who have mental purity (Brahmin),or to theRajarashi, who come to experience the inward peace of true contemplation upon the self. Therefore,only through spiritual practice (sadhana) can one attain necessary qualification for asucessful study of the sacared-lore Vedas.

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