Land of Kerala with it’s fascinating natural vegetation is served with different thandric disciplines Kunnath illam, situated purely in the village background at Kodakkad in Kasaragod district of north Kerala, South India, constitutes of well known thandric Priest and Vedic astrologers from traditional Brahmin priest family  

Above seventy years old Brahmasree Subramanyan Namboodiri is the Venerable head of the family. The sons of his eldest brother, Divakaran Namboodiri, Narayanan Namboodiri, Subrahmanyan Namboodiri are the male members of the next generation. Their mother Savithri Andarjanam is the sister of Pariyanampatta Divakaran Namboodiri, the famous magician and cinema actor. The ceremonial offerings of God of Sreeshylapureshwari temple is performed by Krishnan Namboodiri. Kunnath illam is a big family including his sons.Acqaintance with thandric rules and Vedic performance gives ample chances to the offspring of illam (residence) to guide and lead Pujas, homas prashnam and Kalashams required in temples which give due regard and respect to the traditional customs.
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