The Kavadiynganathu Kavu near to the famous Mahavishnu Kshetra in Tulunadu is the elevation place of Raktheswari. The virgin forest is located 30Km west to Kasargod and this pace is unattainable to human race even today. It is very amazing that this place is not included in the Land survey. Several Brahmin families reached into the soil of Malayalam from Thulu Nadu now worshipping the Raktheswari as their family deity.Traditionally, it is only for Brahamin (Namboodiris) who get ample chance to be appointed as chief priest in temples.
Thandris or priest because of their serene composure and tranquil disposition, seek fulfillment and come to adore divine godly altar at temples. They worship with recognition and realization of the one force that controls their souls. Mantras they chant with faith and sincerity expand their mind and give up all arrogance and selfishness.
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